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  • Ideology


    stereo camera, graphics data conversion program, 4k TV, split screen, cables


    The tracking of the audience in the exhibition hall will be captured by the surveillance camera and converted into an actual distance value (similar to the step counting of WeChat). These steps will follow the actual distance of the missionary Michel Boym walked from Yunnan to Rome and add upon. In one of my future exhibitions, the dot on the map will reach Vatican from Kunming, Yunnan.

    In 1651, Michel Boym was appointed by Emperor Yongli of the Southern Ming Dynasty as a special envoy to Rome to request military assistance from Pope Innocent x, the nominal European spiritual leader. During this long journey, his identity swtiched among the diplomatic envoy of Ming Dynasty, Christian priest, pagan, naturalist and geographer. Finally, he was rejected by people with different ideologies and died on the Vietnamese border. 

    观众在展厅范围内的位置移动,会被立体摄像头捕捉,并转变成实际移动的距离数值(类似微信步数的统计),这些步数将沿着传教士卜弥格(Michel Boym)从云南一路去罗马的实际行走距离,一路累积。直至未来展览的某一天,地图上移动的点从云南昆明抵达梵蒂冈。观众的行走也是传教士从东方到西方的跋涉,这期间相隔了370年的全球化进程后。不同时间不同身份的观众,慢慢一起完成了一次历史上真实发生过的长途跋涉。