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  • 2018

    Tristes North Temperate Zone 

    4'10''| 3 Channel 3D Rendered Moving Image Installation | size variable

    Dream, as the ultimate form of film, makes the time of memory to be juxtaposed in the same dimension. The work has three perspectives, three perspectives examine the same space, which is all modeling and rendered by 3D software. The objects and situations in the space originate from the author's dream of August 20, 2015. The author examines a visual self-subconscious through the process of manually restoring all the details of memory. The three-view digital imaging installation, is about a relatives who had never met and stayed in the hearsay of several memory fragments, participated in the atomic bomb project in Northwest Nuclear City. His life was a secret.Although the dream is ambiguous, the symbols in the dream buries a hidden clue to the author's own family history. Dream's foresight and inspiration lead to reality awaits exploration and excavation.


    4分10秒 | 3 屏幕3D数字模拟影像装置| 尺寸可变

    这个作品系列开始于一块瓷砖,我有记忆以来的第一个画面。后来通过许多年记梦的训练,我慢慢记起来了,这快瓷砖的形状是我一岁多的时候的那个厕所的地砖。地砖的贴图后来我无意间在3D软件的贴图库中找到了,它也是工业流水线上某一个时代的产品。巧合的是阿拉斯泰尔的小说ZIMA BLUE,恰好也是关于一块工业流水线上生产出的瓷砖。