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  • Tristes North Temperate Zone | 3-channel 3D render moving image installation | 4'10" | 2018 | Image source,Zhejiang Art Museum

    This series starts with a tile, the first image I have ever remembered. Later, after many years of training in remembering dreams, I gradually remembered that the shape of the fast ceramic tile was the floor tile of the toilet when I was more than one year old before my family moved for the first time. Later, I found the mapping of the floor tile in the mapping Library of 3D software. It is also a product of a certain era on the industrial assembly line. In this way, from a floor tile, to a house, to a building, I tried to slowly recall the shape and color of each object in this way, without resorting to the picture data from that time, but directly using the memory from my mind. Through the 3D software simulation method, the place of childhood was built. These images slowly connect some hidden clues to the vague world of the collective subconscious.

    忧郁的北温带》| 3通道3D渲染动画装置 | 4'10" | 2018 | 图片来源,浙江美术馆

    这个系列从一块瓷砖开始,这是我出生之后记得的第一个画面。 后来,经过多年记忆梦境的训练,我渐渐记住这块厕所地砖的形状。 后来我在3D软件的贴图库中找到了地砖的贴图。 也是工业流水线上某个时代的产物。就这样,从一块地砖,到一个屋子,再到一幢楼,我尝试用这样的方式慢慢回忆起每一件物体的形状和色彩,不借助于当时的影像资料,而是直接使用从脑中印象到3D软件模拟的方式,搭建了童年的场所。这些图像慢慢连接着一些隐藏的线索,连接着模糊的集体潜意识世界。