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  • 2019

    The One Who Lived Yesterday | 5 minutes, 26 seconds | 3D Rendered digital simulation Image |Variable size 


    5分26秒 |3D数字模拟影像| 尺寸可变

    A voice runs through the film, the anonymous, dreamliked speaker, is telling a story about yesterday. The  voice of the speaker seems come from a different place,  from a different "incarnation", while the speaker himself  is hiding. Each of its incarnations is the shaper of "This  yesterday," and yesterday just made up the future.  "People who live Yesterday" is digital simulation image, continuing the author's exploration of digital  existence, multi-angle of view,and spatial narration. 

    一个声音贯穿始终,作者的脸被扫描成 3D 数字图像,脸 出现在房间里的桌子上、草丛中、石头上、高楼上,一镜 到底的 3D 数字模拟影像中,这些脸把散碎的梦话编织成 了一段寓言故事……