• 2015

    City Neon

    1080p HD Three Channel Video

    3 '18''

    This piece is a three-screen video installation. It describes the movement of a woman blinking under dim light. Begining at normal speed it is gradually slowed down until it reaches a complete stop. As time goes on the characters slowly disappear into the neon of the city, only leaving behind the nightscape. 


    1080p 高清三屏影像

    时长 3’18’’

    这件作品是一件三屏幕影像装置, 描述一段夜色下的女子眨眼动作,过程从正常速度逐渐变慢直到接近于静止, 而随着时间的推移人物渐渐消失于城市霓虹中, 只留下目光在夜色中。