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  • 2023

    Phantom Sugar

    3D rendermoving image, 4k


    The work revolves around the Shunde sugar factory in Guangdong, China. Based on this sugar factory, the work uses images created through a combination of actual filming and game engine rendering. The old sugar factory, equipped with Czech industrial assembly lines, once experienced the glory of China's industrialization but has now become a ruin in today's era of globalized high-frequency trading. The cultivation and industrialization of sugar, along with global futures trading, are referred to as "Phantom Sugar" in the futures field due to the unpredictability of its value. The value of sugar itself is also a killer of the "ecosystem" of sugar factories.

    The work explores topics such as swarm algorithms, future agriculture, Laplace's demon, and humanity's obsession with predicting and controlling behavior. In ancient China, including records in Sima Qian's "Records of the Grand Historian," there are numerous accounts of using sugar to guide the walking patterns of ant colonies to predict the future and alter history. Classic ant colony algorithms are also present in AI neural networks, used to simulate blueprints for the future.

    Laplace's demon, perhaps taking the form of a mosquito swarm, is a super-individual life form persis- tently attempting to simulate blueprints in the era of quantum mechanics. As the grand blueprint of dataism unfolds, there is a recursive misalignment with the unpredictable elements of daily life.