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  • 2020

    Virtual love in Sarajevo

    Gagarin went back to the ground and said, "we went through the sky and found no God or angel." At the same time, an earthworm emerged from the Siberian steppe, looked around and concluded, "there is nothing in the world, no Soviet Union, no Gorbachev." During the COVID-19, I become an Otaku,temporarily dealing with people's words or language as empty as possible, mistakenly picked up some valuable experience. Gazing at the rhinoceros in the zoo, chewing grass slowly, is like a silent Oracle, like lifting a polygonal rock model in a video game. Sometimes when you stare at a rock, you will unconsciously imagine its model parameters. It is correct to intuitively understand the rock as silicon dioxide, or as polygons and maps. These perspectives are all new geographical discoveries of each era. As an earthworm, I suddenly realized that both the Soviet Union and Sarajevo existed.