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  • Cao Shu | The Cycle of Sheep Metal, reflective material, light from lighthouse 7.8✖0.6✖0.6m | specific field installation | 2020 | Image source, artist

    The light column of this lighthouse has been rotating in the ocean for 150 years. It is like the son of Poseidon, a one eyed giant. His eye will be illuminated wherever he can, and the rest of the world is hidden in the dark. I use the light of the lighthouse in the night to form visual residual images. With a beam of light scanning, I can see that the sheep's installation on the roof has an illusion of walking. There are a lot of wild sheep on the island. They breed by themselves. Travelers can often see them jumping on rocks on the edge of the heavy cliff when climbing mountains. In Homer's epic, Odysseus was caught on the belly of a sheep and was able to escape from the cave of the one eyed giant. The sheep on the roof is forever trapped in a cycle of a few seconds due to the cycling of the lighthouse columns.

    曹澍 |《羊的循环》| 金属,反光材料,灯塔的光 | 7.8✖0.6✖0.6m | 特定场域装置 | 2020 |图片来源,艺术家