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  • Infinity and Infinity Plus One Installation, 8 channel 3D rendering image combined with 4K real image | 13'12" | 2020

    In the visual installation "Infinity and Infinity Plus One" within the "8" shaped installation, the main screen images are created through a combination of 3D rendering and live footage. The content of the work revolves around a seaside fable narrated by a Chinese official contemplating a mathematical

    problem. The film refers Hilbert's mathematical problems. Faced with infinite rooms on a solitary island, what choices will the suddenly visiting guest make in this guesthouse that was once filled with Chinese officials? Scenes in the film include a silent conference table in ruins, teacups engaged in mechanical repetition for dialogue, and scenes reminiscent of the display of power discourse.

    In a certain infinitely extended time, infinity and infinity plus one are considered equal. Perhaps this is the enormous gap between the world of ideas and the real world, and also the reason why reality is continuously led towards tragedy by the world of ideas. In the film, the author starts with a specific location and expands into an expression of the issue of time—how time is shaped into a specific system by some form of will through different visual forms. Through roaming shots, the film alternates between live scenes and 3D modeling-rendered spaces, leading to the meeting room at the end of the corridor. In the other seven channels outside the main screen, different positions are played in a loop through sur- veillance, revealing everything happening in this guesthouse. The presentation of multiple perspectives

    in the spatial installation breaks the synchronicity created by the continuous shot of the main screen. The voiceover in the film is narrated in the local dialect by a local resident.

    《无限和无限加一》装置,8通道3D数字模拟影像与4K实拍影像结合 | 13'12" | 2020