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  • Infinity and Infinity Plus One Installation, 8 channel 3D rendering image combined with 4K real image | 13'12" | 2020

    In the 8-channel video installation Infinity and Infinity Plus One, the main screen image is produced by combining 3D rendering image and real shooting. An official thinking about philosophy and mathematics tells this absurd story in a monologue. The film replaces Hilbert's math problems in another way. Faced with the infinite rooms on the isolated island and the guest house full of officials, what choice will this sudden visitor make? In the film, the silent conference table in the deserted ruins and the teacups that have a conversation with a mechanical repeat posture seem to be a scene where power words are displayed.

    In a certain infinitely delayed time, infinity and infinity plus one are equal. Perhaps this is the huge gap between the ideal world and the real world, and it is also the reason why reality is constantly led to tragedy by the ideal world. The film continues the author's expression of time issues derived from the specific location - how time is shaped into a specific system by a certain will through different visual forms. In the roaming shots, the real shooting scene and the 3D rendering space are switched repeatedly, leading to the meeting room at the end of the corridor. In the other 7 channels outside the main screen, everything that happened in this guest house under the monitoring of different positions is played in a loop. The multi-view installation in the space, breaks the sense of synchronicity created by the "one shot to the end" form of the main screen. The narration of the 3D film is also spoken in dialect by residents of the island where the film shot.

    《无限和无限加一》装置,8通道3D数字模拟影像与4K实拍影像结合 | 13'12" | 2020