• 2015

    1 Day

    Light box

    Variable size

    The artist uses a slow scanning pen to scan the changes in an object, this process of change in the object occurs over a given span of time. It is quite different from the method of directly “capturing” an image used in photography. Things are broken down in the process of progressive changes and become different sequences, in the end, they emerge upon the same temporal plane. The titles of each piece are the time it takes in the process of scanning from start to finish, and it could be said that each is a temporal “portrait” for the given period of time.




    简介: 慢速扫描笔 , 扫描一片废墟 , 时间从黎明到傍晚,这一天中,一幅图像逐步出现,它不同于摄影的直接显像式捕捉。事物变动的时间被分解成为不的逐行序列 , 最终出现在同一时间的平面上, 也可以称之为这段时间的“肖像”。