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  • 2019

    Monster Outside the Windows | Text, Installation, 3D Rendered Moving Image3D Print | 6×5×3.2m | 2019 | Image source, Koganecho Bazzar

    Cao's interest is in computer errors. "Errors" appear when a process is interrupted or stopped due to a programme judged to be running abnormally. Although this usually signifies a "failure", it also reflects the line between normality/abnormality in human society. Using this perspective, Cao interprets the bugs not as irritations, but as messages from spiritual beings inside the machine; from "Yaorozu no kami" (8 million gods of Shinto), quoting the Japanese view of nature where not only rocks and trees, but also phenomena such as disasters and healing are spiritual things.

    The mischief of a bug in the data rendering a deformed body of a frog, mouse and crocdile, despite perfect programming. A bug's poem of free-translated text appearing as an error in an unexpected shutdown or restart*. Emitting these lines in a variety of voices, the figure of an old man with a distorted skeleton. A bug's dream visualised, as though data inhaled during the day is then released in sleep, of 3D rendered images of signs floating through a town at night. These pieces create a space in which we are faced with monsters (errors) outside the “windows” that indicate the screens of an application and show normal computer operations.


    《窗外的鬼怪》| 文本,装置,3D数字模拟影像,3D打印 | 尺寸:6×5×3.2m | 2019 | 图片来源,横滨黄金町艺术节