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  • 2019

    Monster Outside the Windows | Text, Installation, 3D Rendered Moving Image3D Print | 6×5×3.2m | 2019 | Image source, Koganecho Bazzar

    The author pieced together pieces of his thoughts in the streets of Yokohama at night to create a number of 3D rendered visual impression, just like a sleepwalker. We can't judge the computer's thinking between input and output. In this sense, computer bugs belong to the supernatural phenomenon. When the memory of the computer is wrong, it may be the time when the “bug character” in the windows wakes up. The author and the digital being are incomprehensible monsters in each of their eyes, staring at each other through “windows”.

    窗外的鬼怪》| 文本,装置,3D数字模拟影像,3D打印 | 尺寸:6×5×3.2m | 2019 | 图片来源,横滨黄金町艺术节


    A white dream

    The year before last year, an artist found some long hair in this white space then I started to imagine what could happen at that time… She screams, and then escapes as quickly as possible, searches for a daring friend to help her to clean the long hair. Perhaps her impression of Yokohamawill always stay as a pile ofterrifying long black hair in a white space, the memory of such should be identical to the ghosts portrayed in budget horror films DVDs.

    These ghosts are invincible, supernatural, because they exist independently out of the definition of the human societies.Oriental ghost films are almost always scarier than Western zombie films, because the most horrifying things are always inexplicable, much like stories hidden in memory. Only when you are deep asleep, they secretly opens the closet and slip near to your pillow, drill into your forehead.




    A red dream

    Last year, another artist dreamed of a scene in the same space before she was informed with the history of thisplace.On the burning earth, there were crowded with scorched people. On May 29, 1945, Yokohama city was attacked by the U.S. air force. It was right here, Koganecho Stationat Yokohama, Kanagawa,was surrounded by layers of burnt dead corpses, tens of thousands of dead people piled up. They were the passengers on the metro Keikyu Main Line.

    This dream occurred more than 70 years after the incident of of 10,000 corpses. When 100,00 appears as a number, we barely have any solidified concept, but when you start counting from 1 to 100,00, starting from the details of the first life taken away by the attack, the love-letter he or she wrote, the snot , eating tuna…Counting up to 10,000 persons, you will start to experience cracked lips and tingled scalp. It was a monumental happening when 10,000 different memories and lives disappear at the same moment. Dream is like a monster with a giantswallowing.




    A blue dream

    This year, also in this same white space.One late night, in the computer I was working on, a C4D character model suddenly deformed and distorted. I tried a series of evaluations and system checks,no positive results were determined no matter what kind of debugging was performed.Memory when used as a noun, can also mean the memory stick for a computer environment. There is something wrong with this computer's memory, it might fell asleep, the incident might just be a shock in its dream.

    I looked at this twitched and crooked crocodile on screen, thinking that it should be liberated at this moment, granted freedom from the fate of enslaving as an animated character by me, lifted to a better place.This twisted pilecould almost read as a tombstone, witnesses the disappearance of a mysterious unknown being. A being from the Eight Million Gods, just previously enslaved by me and manipulated inthe windowson screen.Window—one of the most used word that often appears in poetry. It used to stare at me through such windows— a monsterat the other side of the window. In this sense, I and the monster are independent beings that cannot communicate due to our different dimensions, and we are both mysterious and unpredictable beings to one another. Therefore, in this not-too-distant future, when thiscomputer goes to sleep, it will be freed.